Would you rather live in Florida or California and why?

Would you rather live in Florida or California and why?

Florida is the hotter and more humid state when compared to California, you might even want to call it tropical.

Although Florida doesn’t have as much of a diverse landscape as the Golden State, it has miles of incredible beaches, and life is very much focused on the coast.

I moved from San Diego to Tampa three years ago. My husbands employer offered him a job in which he could advance and keep his CA salary. We looked at the homes available for what we were paying in San Diego and we could double the sq footage and have a nice yard.

So we moved. We had visited Florida in aviation school while in the navy so we had somewhat of an idea. As we drove from one coast to the other we hit Dallas and that’s when the landscape started to get green. The further east we got the taller the grass and trees.

Once in Alabama, the bush was thick as well as the air. It was August one of the most humid times of the year. San Diego has 20% humidity and the southeast is 75% on average. It’s like the air is hugging you. I’ve lived in a desert climate my whole life and I actually don’t mind the moisture.

Florida or California
Florida or California

The bugs are annoying as soon as the sun begins to set the mosquitoes to come out and every spring kissing bugs swarm.

I had never seen lightning bugs before and so many variations of dragon flys. Deer graze near my back yard, bobcats lay near the tree line, bunny’s hop on by, the baby gator watches from the pond and I love every bit of it.

Would you rather live in Florida or California and why?

I recently went back home to visit friends. I was having panic attacks because of how much traffic there was, all the people on top of each other, and the fires… friends, I don’t miss the fires! I’ll take a hurricane watch any day!

Two things I miss about Cali, food, the Mexican food! Omg, there is crap out here called Tex Mex and it’s horrible. A few good places but nothing like home. Sushi is behind like 20 years cus every roll has cream cheese, there isn’t much to choose from infusion or mom and pop places.

The second thing is the culture or lack of it. I miss seeing people from all over the world like in California. Its mostly white here with some from the Caribbean.

Politically it’s a Republican state. We drove passed many anti-abortion billboards and there’s a church nearby no matter where you are.

They don’t seem to care about the environment. They dump waste into Lake Okeechobee and it causes horrible red tide that kills tons of sea life. I’ve noticed they can’t have debates in life and it’s complexity outside of the Bible. The entertainment is mostly going out to eat and drink. Fashion is shorts, flops and a tank.

Would you rather live in Florida or California and why?

Oh and car insurance is 3x the cost so get quotes ahead of time. Groceries are slightly higher as well since most is shipped from California, Washington and Arizona . I bought a home for what I was paying to rent a town house however the property tax HOA and CDD fees are a bit extreme.

The beach clearwater and south are gorgeous! Some in the pan handle are gorgeous too. Warm waters allow swimming almost year round. If you can swim in the ocean in Cali you can swim year round here. The trips to the Caribbean are so cheap from here as well as Europe.

Lots of info I know. I hope it helps with your choice. Would I do it again? Maybe not buying the house, because I don’t necessarily think like a republican. I don’t know if I want to go back to Southern California either.

I have a California mentality and I’m accustomed to concerns about health and the environment. Here sweet tea is life along with fried food. Along with pesticides and fertilizers for a lawn growing on beach sand.

Would you rather live in Florida or California and why?

Even though California has no shortage of big problems, especially with how the state is managed and governed, it is a far superior place to live than Florida for numerous reasons:

  • Better weather
  • Lots of recreational activities (surfing, skiing, climbing, off-roading, hiking, camping, etc…)
  • Extremely diverse topography, from the lowest place in the U.S. to the highest place in the lower 48
  • Beautiful national parks/monuments
  • High wages/salaries
  • Lots of jobs
  • Huge entertainment industry
  • Huge electronics industry
  • A Huge agricultural industry
  • Huge fishing industry
  • Huge oil industry
  • The longest coastline and more beaches than any other state
  • Few dangerous predators, bugs, and pests
  • No sinkholes
  • No real swamps
  • Relatively low threat from global sea-level rise

Now California does have a pretty screwed up political system, where a virtual nanny state is in effect and pencil-necked do-gooders in Sacramento think they know what’s better for you, than you do… It also has earthquakes, mudslides and brush fires, as well as a pretty high tax rate.

But even with these things, it absolutely beats Florida.

In Florida you have:

  • Billions of disease-carrying mosquitoes
  • Serious marsh and swampland
  • Lots of sinkholes, that could simply open up and swallow you whole
  • No geographic relief – at all…
  • It’s a state which will completely go away if sea levels actually do rise
  • the bullseye for incoming hurricanes
  • It’s a magnet for refugees and drug smugglers
  • Extremely humid – all the time…
  • Super-size cockroaches that can actually fly!
  • Poisonous snakes and frogs
  • Giant rogue snails, huge spiders, and boa constrictors
  • Panthers and alligators
  • More retirees and bingo games than any other state
  • Starving citizens who are forced to eat voting card chads

Would you rather live in Florida or California and why?

If you are rich and can afford it Southern California is hard to beat. Otherwise, Florida (Tampa/St. Petersburg ) is a better option. If both were cars, California would be a Ferrari, whereas Florida would be something like a Lexus sedan.. both great vehicles, but the Lexus is much cheaper and easy to maintain while still being very nice, where as California is flashy, expensive, and lots of fun if you can easily afford to buy, maintain, and insure it.

Lets start by saying California and Florida are magnets for insane people. Something about the warm weather just draws them in like moths to a flame, from all parts of the US. But in the end, Florida seems like it has a few more. Or maybe its just that California balances it out with more people I feel are better socially adapted. From this perspective, California wins slightly.

Californians are very open about politics… in fact, you can’t stop them from discussing politics if you try. Floridians just don’t seem to talk about them as much. So if you’re a nonpolitical person like me, its nice to escape that.

Note it’s not that Floridians aren’t political, it’s just they are pretty much 50/50 on both sides and people generally aim to avoid conflict (in California, it pretty much knows where most people stand).

Is it better to live in Texas or California

Florida or California
Florida or California

California has earthquakes which can kill you without warning, Florida has hurricanes that can also kill you but come with a warning of a few days… combine this with water shortages and droughts in California, and the frequent wildfire that seems to kill a dozen or so people each time, and Florida wins this round if self-preservation is of concern.

California has more high paying jobs and the great tech industry (I work in tech), but those funds quickly disappear to taxes, housing, and gas costs. Florida doesn’t have as well rounded of an economy as California and is largely based on hospitality, although it’s becoming more diversified as people/companies from all over the US relocate here.

Florida has nicer sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and warmer year round weather, California has better cliffs that drop in the ocean with amazing views and mountains you can hike, as well as very pleasant weather most of the year along the coast.

California is surfing with a wet suit or looking at the cold water from a high-end restaurant, Florida is swimming casually with a mojito in hand… both have good sailing, although Florida you can quickly sail to the Caribbean whereas Hawaii is far from California (both close to Mexico). Florida is very humid and green, California is very dry except way up north. There is no clear winner on this one.

London Vs New York

In regards to costs, Florida is the clear winner. The median home value in California (per Zillow and other sites) is $549,000 vs Florida’s 299,000, and California has much higher taxes, including sales tax, property taxes, and state income tax (of which Florida has none)… as well as higher taxes on common items like energy/gasoline.

Along the same lines from an investment standpoint, these days its Florida since its the first or second fastest growing state (usually between Texas and Florida). Also there is a lot of domestic and recently international investment. But most importantly, its still very cheap.

Whereas California is already so expensive, that its tough to squeeze out much upside on real estate investments, even from Chinese investors and REITs. In fact, the California market has recently started to depreciate slightly, whereas Florida (Tampa specifically) is having some of the highest gains in the US.

Let me note here that while California is extremely expensive, and similar to the Ferrari, a luxury item… it doesn’t diminish the fact that if I was ultra wealthy, I’d definitely have a place in La Jolla overlooking the Pacific (and yes, possibly even a Ferrari).

Let me conclude by saying that while I like both places, there is no clear winner. If you can deal with a few extra crazy people hanging around I think Florida is a better bang for the buck overall. But if money is of no issue, California may be the better choice.

Would you rather live in or California why?

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