What is Stephen Fry’s IQ?

What is Stephen Fry’s IQ?

What is Stephen Fry’s IQ? – Quora. What does Google know about me? Milivoj Vurnek, Polymath, omniglot, innovator, IQ 155 (but test taken while drunk).

He went to Queen’s College at the University of Cambridge on a scholarship, so I’d place him at around 125.

There is absolutely no way to know without giving him a valid IQ test. Often what is done is IQs are estimated by a person’s accomplishments and their use of big words. I have even seen estimates of Jesus’ IQ (around 200, which is not all that impressive given he’s supposed to be the son on an omniscient God.

Of course, his mother, Mary, might have dragged his IQ down a little) IQ is a normative score which means there is no absolute value. Anyway, what we do if we can give the person an IQ test and then whatever the score is, declare that as his IQ.

And it really doesn’t mean a whole lot. Richard Feynman said by some to be the smartest guy ever, tested out at 123. Think about it! If you gave Stephen Fry an IQ test and he tested out at 103, you’d say O, I don’t think that’s valid! l

What is Stephen Frys IQ
What is Stephen Fry’s IQ

What is Stephen Fry’s IQ?

He went to Queen’s College at the University of Cambridge on a scholarship, so I’d place him at around 125.

I don’t think he’s much higher than that. I actually met him at a dinner party in Hampshire, England, and I got the impression that he was visible inferior to me.

Besides, his emotional intelligence is undeveloped – he’s a big drama queen, which makes him annoying to be around.

I can’t provide an exact answer, but I can use logic to provide a reasonable estimate. He has Jewish ancestry: Jewish people traditionally bred for intelligence and did not marry outside of their religion.

Jews had the most intellectually advanced religion, until the rise of Catholicism. Judaism had many complex rules and regulations; these laws had to be studied and memorized from an early age, which most likely caused genetic mutations that increased intelligence and were then passed down from Rabbis to their children. For this reason, the average Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence is around one standard deviation from the norm (an I.Q. of about 115).

What is Stephen Fry’s IQ?

While I was studying Shakespeare at Oxford University, I hypothesized that U.K. citizens have a higher average verbal I.Q. My theory is supported by the country’s rich literary history.

In conclusion, my estimate of Stephen Fry’s I.Q.:

President Trump is now claiming to have one of the highest IQs. What would you estimate it to be?

I’ve met smart people before. It is very easy to spot them. They talk about ideas, they ask lots of questions before venturing an opinion, they don’t tell people what to do, instead they ask “what would happen if?”

I’ve never seen any of them wear a badge with their IQ or have it tattooed to their forehead.

People only obsess about what they don’t have. That speaks volumes.

It has been brought up that a person can be smart and yet be cruel. That is true but it has nothing to do with the scope of this question.

To be able to determine one person’s IQ without access or evidence, one must resort to:

  1. Appearances
  2. Public records
  3. Accounts of people who have access

To me, a person that uses whatever side of the issue is convenient is not an intelligent person by definition but is definitely a manipulator.

(“Climate change is a hoax” will get me votes but “climate change is true” will allow me to build a wall around my golf course in Scotland”) Intelligent people research information, make up their minds and stand by their choice.

Wealth and power do not correlate with intelligence. But copying and broadcasting falsehoods without even scratching the surface to see if they are true is certainly a lack of critical thinking.

IQ is a correlation between physical age and mental age. A normal person, by the time they graduate elementary school, should be able to construct a coherent and complete sentence.

Any child by the age 6 or 7 is aware that lies, if caught, can blow up in your face.

To sum it up, yes a person can be cruel and smart but a truly intelligent person cannot exhibit such contradictory behavior and expect the rest of the world to believe anything based just on their testimony.

I’m no expert. But I have done some volunteer work with special needs kids. And, professionally, I’ve worked with everyone from truck drivers to healthcare PhDs. (Side note: I’m not suggesting the truck drivers were unintelligent. They weren’t, not by a long shot.)

From what I’ve observed of Trump—his range of knowledge, his intellectual curiosity, his creativity, his other personality traits, his vocabulary and the way he expresses himself, the public decisions he makes—I’d say his intelligence is in the low-normal range.


He is crafty. But that’s not the same thing as intelligence. He’s just not very bright.

IQ isn’t everything. Like some of the other people who’ve answered here, I know some people with very high IQs who have trouble functioning in the real world.

And I’ve known some other people who were borderline or below who were pleasant, functional, and well-liked. IQ isn’t everything. But I’d hope for more in a President.

What is Stephen Fry’s IQ?

What is Stephen Fry’s IQ?

Stunned scientists discover Stephen Fry of only average …

Trump’s I.Q. is one of the highest ever, extremely high, astonishingly high – that’s assuming you are talking about his Irrationality Quotient.

On the other hand, if you are talking about his Intelligence Quotient, it’s probably not above 110 currently, although it might have been significantly higher before whatever event caused what seems to be his current infirmity. I strongly suspect mini-strokes.

That answer was written in 2017. It is now 2019, and I believe Trump’s I.Q. has fallen below 100. He is obviously mentally deficient. I don’t know if it is mini-strokes or Alzheimer’s or some other disease, but the man is obviously mentally deficient. When a man wants to say “origins” and is making a great effort to say “origins,” and it keeps coming out “oranges, – something is very, very wrong with him.

Donald Trump is an intelligent man, but he’s a little over-impressed by his own intelligence.

Moreover, he has no respect for ethical people, believing that the mark of a smart person is that they will get away with whatever they want to do, and ethics are only for dumb people.

He is demonstratively a manipulative amoral controller who distrusts anybody with real intellect who operates with integrity. To him, that sort of person is dangerous because he believes that they simply cheat in ways he can’t figure out.

I’ve also considered whether my words are overly harsh, but I believe that there is substantial evidence to support every word, and that fact frightens me.

My estimate would be 110 to 115, 120 at most.

Trump certainly is more intelligent than average, but not very much – his IQ is perhaps within one sigma (standard deviation).

He has a college degree implying higher than average IQ, but he was not noted as anything special by his student mates or his professors

His business failures and the fact that the Wall Street investors considered him a salesman and not a businessman, tend to imply that.

He is intelligent enough to understand how things work, be a leader of people, and see cause-effect-consequences continuums, but he is not an original thinker. He is neither prudent nor cautious, which are signs of high IQ.

A person with high IQ tends to consider things on all aspects, seek information, make his decisions rationally and rather present different scenarios with different outcomes than push his agenda mindlessly.

So far Putin (who is far more intelligent than Trump and just as invidious) has managed to outmaneuver him like a traffic cone.

My assumption is that Trump suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. He considers himself invincible and infallible, sees only indifferent people around, likes to push and bully people, makes his decisions by his emotions and has delusions of grandeur.

Friends, He demands constant admiration and is irritated when criticized. He is a pathological liar and wants to maintain his façade even on the cost of his integrity. A narcissist leader such as Alexander the Great can be an effective and great leader if he is talented, but Trump’s talents are IMO doubtful.

I’d say he probably has an IQ of 100, about average.

There is nothing he does that he excels at and requires vast amounts of intelligence. Making money when you’re already rich isn’t that difficult, and people have shown that he’d have made even more money simply investing in a generic mutual fund.

If money invested in a generic mutual fund (zero intelligence required) would have earned a better return, then the stuff he’s famous for, he isn’t even particularly good at. He’s gone bankrupt enough times to prove he doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

And since it doesn’t take genius-level brains to be a businessman, and he has been rather unethical in his business dealings and been sued for non-payment, discrimination, and fraud many times, all it demonstrates is that he has the ability to prey on the trust of other people, and their gullibility.

How true is it that Stephen Fry has AIDS?

In interview Stephen has stated that he doesn’t have penetrative sex. This is not uncommon with gay men. He could be lying, but I can’t see why he would.

To my knowledge Stephen is neither an intravenous drug user nor has he had blood transfusions in a country or time period likely to cause infection.

He is therefore very unlikely to have contracted HIV.

Very few people actually develop AIDS these days, but are more likely to contract HIV related illnesses.

That said, whether he is HIV+ or not is really no one else’s business. If, as I suspect, you or your informant thinks all gay men get AIDS eventually, then you’re very misinformed.

Why is Stephen Fry such a big deal?

Simon Crump’s answer is very insightful, but it would be cynical to say that this is his only reason for success. In fact, it is merely the icing on the multi-layered cake that is Stephen Fry.

He started out in Cambridge Footlights doing sketch comedy, along with his partner Hugh Laurie (you may have heard of a little show called House M.D.?).

They went on to produce several series of a wonderful sketch show called A Bit of Fry and Laurie, which has stood the test of time quite well and is worth a watch on YouTube or Netflix.

He has displayed talent for acting (television, film, and stage), writing (fiction and non-fiction), presenting television programs (QI being my favorite), and speaking on a wide variety of subjects.

In addition, he is an unabashed computer nerd who has been playing with every gadget he could get his hands on since the 80s. He’s well-read, intelligent, personable, and interesting. He lives his life to its fullest.

Why is Stephen Fry highly respected in Britain?

Personally I can’t stand the bugger. He’s a smug, hate-filled bigot who sneers at others for believing different things from himself, even though about 30% of the time (at least when it comes to biology, which is the field I’m most equipped to comment on) the positions he himself is espousing are flat wrong.

For example, in a single episode of QI he sneered at one of the contestants for saying that humans are descended from apes, even though humans are classified as one of the great apes and all our ancestors for the last 25 million years have also been classified as apes, and stated that octopuses had no memories and had to re-learn everything new every time they wake up.

He had vaguely remembered an account of an experiment in which octopuses were given a drug which caused them to forget everything when they slept and had assumed that was their normal condition.

This isn’t atypical – there are few episodes of QI which touch on biology and which *don’t* contain huge errors which he asserts as if anyone who disagrees with him is obviously stupid.

I expect his statements about other fields are equally bogus – I know he’s been criticized a few times for presenting urban myths as history.

He not only jeers at anybody who has any kind of spiritual or religious belief but encourages the audience to join him in jeering at them, at the same time as promoting urban myths and misinformation as facts.

What is Stephen Fry’s IQ?

What is Stephen Frys IQ 1
What is Stephen Fry’s IQ

Top 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Stephen Fry…

As a keen observer of the British, I say it’s not only his dry wit, or his obvious intelligence, or his well-considered opinions on things, or his humanitarian views. The British will like someone who displays all those traits, but it takes something else to love them.

Stephen Fry projects a very upper class image, while at the same time projecting tons of the self-deprecation that is so beloved in Britain.

Witness his appearances on the QI show, where he will wax lyrical about topics he’s interested in (and there are many of those), coming across as witty and intelligent, and will make fun of anyone who happens to be on the panel, but will also very humbly be the butt of the occasional joke when he’s out of his depth, and will tolerate any amount of jokes alluding to his homosexuality, occasionally making one or two of his own.

It’s that aura of being a nob, and defusing it completely and charmingly. That’s why many British people respect and love him.

Some people don’t, of course. Some will not think anything at all about him. He’s mainly known for humorous works, and there’s no way of being funny that everyone laughs at.

(Well, except if you’re Rowan Atkinson. Mr. Bean is that rarest of things: the universal clown that the entire world can laugh at.)

Stephen Fry’s quit IQ over BBC budget cuts pain, says co-star …

I don’t think Stephen Fry is “highly respected”. I think he is reasonably respected, and highly liked by quite a large number of people.

He is a good actor, though not extraordinary, very intelligent, very witty, and a good presenter.

This means that when he appears on tv or stage, it tends to make good viewing or theatre. If he expresses an opinion, it will be worth listening to, though you may not agree with it. His opinions will be clearly stated and have a logical basis.

So quite a lot of people would like to meet him, to enjoy his company, and consider his opinions.

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