What is Dramacool? Is it safe in 2020?

What is the Dramacool site?

Dramacool.io is the biggest Asian drama site! You can watch Asian Drama (Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, Taiwan Drama, Japanese Drama) with English subtitles and Download for free!.

Friends, At this time, Dramacool was closed due to legal issues. There are lots of Fake Dramacool site online!

If you don’t have some $ for Viki or Dramafever You should choose a reputable website to watch and download Asia drama for free like Dramafire. Or you can download Korean drama at Dramanice!

What is Dramacool? Is it safe in 2020?
What is Dramacool? Is it safe in 2020?

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Most sites which aggregate pirate content are themselves safe, but generally have two issues:

  • They have advertisers who have ads which inject or otherwise vend malware through the advertising served by the ad selector
  • In order to stay legal themselves, they merely index, which means they link to lists of other sites which contain the actual content
  • Some of those sites inject or otherwise vend malware directly, themselves
  • Some of those sites have advertisers which inject or otherwise vend malware * through the advertising served by the ad selector
  • So the site itself may be technically safe, but the ads and the content linked to by the site might not be.

They are a pirate aggregator. It’s very hard to get advertising from say Tesla or the Red Cross.

What is Dramacool? Is it safe in 2020?

Drama Cool – Watch Drama Online for Free in High Quality and Fast Streaming, Watch and Download Drama Free, Watch Drama using mobile phone for free.

  • Trustworthiness: 85/100
  • Child Safety: 81/100

What are some websites that stream Korean dramas?

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all have some dramas available.

Netflix is co-producing new dramas with Korean entertainment companies. — The King, Kingdom, Mr. Sunshine, Arthdahl Chronicles, Rugal, Extracurricular, Crash Landing on You, Romance is Bonus Book, Memories of the Alhambra, etc.

And is getting exclusive rights to other Kdramas currently in the broadcast. But if you want a wider range of choices there are legal services that specialize in Kdramas. If you become a subscriber you can watch everything commercial-free.

Rakuten Viki began as a legal fan site many years ago, Rakuten now owns and runs it. It’s an international site with a huge community of fans who volunteer in teams to create the subtitles.

As a result, some dramas have subtitles available in up to 25 different languages and sometimes even more. This also means that you have to wait a day or two after the drama airs in Korea before you can watch it with English subtitles and other languages usually take much longer.

Many times lyrics to the songs are also transcribed — unlike other services. Viki also has other country’s dramas — notably China, Taiwan, and Japan, but other countries as well.

It’s a community of fans and there are optional features available to subscribers like — transcriptions of the Korean dialogue in hangul if watching on a computer or other smart device you can turn on community comments and read or add comments as you watch the drama.

Lately, Viki has been sponsoring watch parties — where everyone is invited to watch a selected drama at the same time as a community. It’s possible to be a monthly subscriber.

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