Which supermarkets in the UK sell rubbing alcohol Tesco

Which supermarkets in the UK sell rubbing alcohol Tesco

Maybe you have been asking for the wrong stuff?

Surgical spirit is sold in chemists, Boots, Superdrug, etc. It has disappeared from the shelves of many stores because of regulations regarding the store to record purchases, and report suspicious purchases etc. Because it can be used in bomb making.

Rubbing alcohol is unknown in Britain: I first heard of it when I lived in the Philippines, and am unsure of the British equivalent. I suggest that you visit a pharmacy (“drugstore”); explain what you need and why you use it; and see what product they recommend.

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rubbing alcohol tesco
rubbing alcohol tesco

If you mean isopropyl alcohol, you can get it through amazon.co.uk.

If you mean medical-grade ethanol, all pharmacists sell it, but it’s called “surgical spirit” here.

Look for a designated pharmacist, or for a large supermarket such as Morrison’s which has a specialist pharmacy counter. You won’t be able to get it just off the shelf, because you have to sign for it.

In the UK it’s called surgical spirit and you definitely can buy it in boots!

Which supermarkets in the UK sell rubbing alcohol Tesco?
Which supermarkets in the UK sell rubbing alcohol Tesco?

Can you use eBay? Definitely on there.

As in Isopropyl Alcohol ? I use it for cleaning camera parts .. I’ve always had to buy it mail order (pre internet) or Amazon (post internet) .

This kind of thing (No endorsement)

Why is it so hard to find rubbing alcohol (Isopropanol) in the UK?

This bottle (500ml) was supplied to me for cleaning tape deck heads by our local village pharmacist. As you can see the generic name is Isopropanol and it was bottled and distributed in the UK.

The chain chemists are controlled remotely from head offices and tend to be very very over cautious and leave little discretion to their shop staff. Ms Sutton’s answer applies.

Try an independent pharmacy and be clear why you want it and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Ii is worth EU people noting that the UK doesn’t traditionally allow the chemists to do much more than fill prescriptions and sell simple non-prescription stuff. In contrast to the EU countries where the chemists will undertake low level diagnosis and make medicinal recommendations. It has been a matter for debate for many years in the UK.

What happens if you drink rubbing alcohol?

15 years or so ago Salvia divinorum – Wikipedia came to town, and all the stupid hippies were smoking it, whereas I’d done my research and intended to use it the traditional way, the way the Indians did it.

This involved holding a clump of the dried leaf in your mouth for 20 minutes, letting the veiny well under your tongue and those tiny inner cheek veins fill with the unswallowed Salvia-tinged saliva that collected there.

But the website suggested making those little veins more absorbable by first swishing for 3 steady minutes with an alcohol based mouthwash, to remove the slick coating from the veins.

I had no mouthwash, so resorted to using what I had on hand — rubbing alcohol. Diligently, I swished that shit for 3 minutes straight, which seemed to remove a whole layer of skin along with all my slick, leaving me with a cotton ball mouth that couldn’t talk.

It seemed to take hours before I got back my natural slick, during which time I felt like I’d been turned inside out, my guts dehydrating by being exposed to the elements.

Granted, this all took place only inside my mouth. I can’t even bear to think of the consequences of drinking the shit!

To make matters worse, when I followed that faux pas with holding the burgeoning nasty Salvia-saliva in my mouth for 20 minutes, it did nothing at all, so in the end I wound up smoking it like the stupid hippies, anyway.

What happened then is a whole other story.

rubbing alcohol tesco
rubbing alcohol tesco

What happens if you drink rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol, or mostly isopropyl alcohol and drinking alcohol, or ethanol are quite different.

Rubbing alcohol is denatured, meaning it has some nasty stuff added to it to discourage consumption.

Methanol is often added, and that is a poison which can cause blindness. Isopropyl alcohol is also twice as toxic as ethanol, and we all know that even ethanol “regular” alcohol can easily kill a person.

So consuming rubbing alcohol will double the chances of harmful effects such as alcohol poisoning, coma, and death as opposed to consuming ethanol (drinking alcohol).

Even if the stomach is pumped, isopropyl alcohol is already fairly well absorbed by the body within two hours, so it likely to be too late to stop harmful effects.

Isopropyl alcohol poisoning symptoms may include stomach pain, confusion, dizziness, slowed breathing, and in severe cases, coma and/or death.

There are stories of alcoholics during the US alcohol prohibition turning to rub alcohol in desperation, perhaps not quite knowing how different the two substances were. The results were never pretty.

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