How does Quora Partner Program work?

How does Quora Partner Program work

The Quora Partner Program is an invite-only program that rewards members of the program for asking engaging, thoughtful questions. In layman’s terms, I ask a question and if I get a certain number of views I earn money on that question for up to one year.

Quora displays ads on the majority of questions and answers besides questions that reference violence, sex, and NSFW content.

You are paid by connecting or creating a Stripe account and are paid once you make over $5 dollars over all of the questions you have asked.

There isn’t a limit to how much you can make and in the last letter from the Program, it stated that multiple people were making thousands of dollars a month from the program, which is pretty cool for only asking questions.

I don’t know if Quora is expanding the number of people within the program, but I do know that at least one person on Quora has been banned from the program for asking over 3,000 questions in 2 weeks, which leads me to assume he was using a bot to generate questions or somehow violated the rules of the partner program.

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Quora partner program
Quora partner program

How does Quora’s Partner Program work?

A simple way to look at how the algorithm works are that the more views you get on a question the more money you will earn on that question.
This obviously varies and it seems to me that tech-related questions earn a lot more money per view, compared to other questions, but that is for another answer.

I’m sorry I’ve rambled for a while and I hope my musings have been able to somewhat answer your question.

You can always check out my profile and follow me to see some of my musings, questions, and see my YouTube channel, and other socials.

Reading the other answers to this question has been very illuminating. In recent years my enjoyment and satisfaction in reading and writing on Quora have been deteriorating, but I wasn’t sure why.

Now I see that Quora offering money-making incentives to people to ask random questions has been a serious part of the problem, because of the overall fake and insincere, often incomplete, or oddly contrived quality of questions it produces.

In the past I’ve spent many hours laboring over my small contributions to this site, imagining I might be of some use to people who needed help.

How does Quora’s Partner Program work?

I always resented the occasional insincere question, such as false or partisan political or religious propaganda masquerading as a question (“Since Senator X is doing wonderful things, shouldn’t everyone stop criticizing him?”), questions obviously intended to upset people (“Should I keep torturing my pet rabbit?”) and other trollish or Bottish fecal matter that Quora readers are expected to wade through and patrol for free by reporting to Quora’s money-making owners. In addition, the take-over of Quora to drive traffic to other sites, blogs, links, and products has become increasingly unpleasant.

Now I find that Quora management is paying some subset of its customers to invent and post questions they have no interest in except as clickbait.

Nope, not my kind of place anymore.

I realize no one here will notice my departure, much less care, any more than anyone at Walmart cares if one customer decides that from now on they’re going to buy their toothpaste at CVS, but just so I can feel like this little choice of mine amounts to at least a very slight occasion — you’ll have to forgive me if you’re too young and don’t understand this but as you get older and turn largely invisible, you come to realize you just have to make your own occasions, so that’s what I’m doing with this little nothing moment to anyone else, bye Quora.

How can I earn $1000 per month in the Quora Partner Program?

Since you asked nicely Xi, I will tell you some things that I do.

First, keep on competing with internal traffic. After reading through question insights and seeing questions in your feeds, compose questions around that stuff. Don’t feel bad about crafting questions that are similar or slight variations of popular questions.

It uses to annoy me when people were doing this to me because I had people following me and copying and pasting my questions then changing one word.

I quit caring if people copy me because I changed my strategy. There are a lot of people in the top ten doing this, so don’t feel bad about doing it to retain internal traffic. Personally, I don’t see much value in copying other people because you run the risk of overlapping traffic with the original viral question…i.e. copying other people can end up making the original question even bigger.

Second, I read a lot. I read current events, tech articles, Wikipedia, Quora feed, etc. These are where my most valuable questions come from. After you get a feel for words and phrases that are popular, you can craft original questions from things you read. Original questions have the biggest payouts.

How can I earn $1000 per month in the Quora Partner Program?

Finally, external traffic comes from what people will be searching for in Google. Most people don’t see the value of external traffic because they are short-term thinkers. I have many questions that are yielding me a few dollars a month because they are yielding external traffic.

The best advice I can offer for external traffic is to craft questions that you feel people will search for throughout the entire year. I.e. think of making questions with the intention of helping people. Even more, think of niche groups.

Final tip….The more you read, the easier it is to ask questions. I never run out of questions because I read a lot. I see a lot of people in the top ten that consistently post the same questions over and over with slight variations…which explains for a lot of stalled earnings.

Also, Quora started off as a tech site with a large tech following. Learn what is buzzing in the tech world and read enough that you have a firm grasp of concepts to generate discussions.

Who got invited to the Quora Partner Program (QPP)?

Oh, yea another tip. I have decreased my question volume a while back because of diminishing marginal returns. I found the highest returns come from posting about 20–50 questions a day. Anything over ends up in diminishing returns/lower quality.

I’ve been reading Quora for the past 3 or 4 months and NEVER post anything (this is actually my first time commenting) I was invited to the “quora Partner Program” today. Not sure why *shrugs*

shades of green

Quora partner program
Quora partner program

How many people make $1000+ per month in the Quora Partner Program?

Unfortunately, only a quorum would have that information. I personally don’t think it makes a difference. Your individual ambition is what’s important. Do you want to maximize your growth?

There are people who make that much. If you read the blog, they straight up tell you. I think the last time I read the blog there might have been a handful of people making $1000 a month and one or two people making something like $5000 a month but with anything, you need to apply the Pareto principle or 80/20 rule.

There will be a bunch of people group that the top who do very well. And then there will be the rest of the people, many of whom will make nothing because they don’t try very hard.

There was a famous study in the 1950s, it found that the number one factor for success was persistence. To succeed in the partnership program requires persistence.

Persist and with trial and error, you will have success. I have.

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