Is it possible to make a circle in Minecraft?

Is it possible to make a circle in Minecraft?

This might seem crazy to some of you, but it is possible. When you try to make something 2×2, it might seem like this…
Now try 3×3 cube…
Keep making it larger and larger until…

(sry, couldn’t find a better pic)

Now, you got yourself a giant square in Minecraft, now what? You try to round it, like this…

The larger the square was, the rounder the circle will be. You might get something like this…
or something like this
Or… if you’re awesome, like this

Anyway, that’s how you make a circle in Minecraft. It might be pixelated, but hey, think of it as an old-school version of what you want to make. If you want it not to be pixelated, find a different game or texture packs or something.

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Just to answer some of the comments, I’ll just say that this, EVERYTHING THAT IS DIGITAL IS PIXELATED!!! EVEN THE DEVICE YOUR HOLDING NOW!!! Anthony Ceterowki showed this in the


Even Perfect Cell from Dragon Ball couldn’t understand this concept so I’ll help you all with this point. Look at your device very closely, what do you see…?

TINY SQUARES!!! WOW… SO FASCINATING!!! Do you know what we call these squares? PIXELS!! So the fact of saying that a game made of squares can’t make a circle is crap.

Every game that ever existed is made of tiny squares, the more squares you use, the more pixels you use, the better quality your picture is.

This is why Minecraft is known to be able to make ANYTHING! You can literally make anything in Minecraft…

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minecraft circle
minecraft circle

Is it possible to make a circle in Minecraft?

Your Dream Home
Your Royal Castle
Disney World
A Working Phone

That’s why Minecraft became popular, and why it will be a game that will be played for generations (in my opinion). It’s as revolutionary as Mario himself…

Well, until you get a rip off a game like this…
Stay Taz!
Tapas: The TazD Gamer
Youtube: The TazD Studios

Is it possible to make a circle in Minecraft?
Yep. Easy peasy.
Everyone always talks like circles are impossible, or super hard to do.
Unless you want a big one, then they’re WRONG.
1 canon Minecraft circle coming right up!
The ruler of Minecraft.

All bow before its glory!!!
The impossible has become possible!!
Use this information wisely readers.

No, but you can approximate one. The larger the radius the smoother the circle will be.

You can figure out where to place blocks to approximate a circle by overlaying a grid on a circle and marking the blocks that the circle intersects.

This image gives a handy way to plan out a circle in Minecraft. Look at the image full size and just count the squares on the grid as 1 block in Minecraft.

Why yes!!

It is possible to make circles and even spheres in Minecraft. But it’ll take a lot of commands, and possibly cause a lot of lag.

The Minecraft Youtuber Phoenix SC has a “cursed images” series on his channel, in which he creates “cursed images” in Minecraft using commands.
In this specific Cursed Images video, he creates a circular swimming pool.


Is it possible to make a circle in Minecraft?

Not only has he created circles, but he’s also created spheres.
I highly recommend going through and subscribing to Phoenix’s channel, as he creates some very interesting and complicated creations with Minecraft Commands.

No, it’s not possible to make a circle in Minecraft, or really, anywhere on a computer. No matter what you do, if you zoom far enough, pixels will be visible. With Minecraft, it’s even more difficult.

There are four ways to make “circles” in Minecraft:
Textures – using either a custom texture pack to get better resolution or using vanilla Minecraft textures. That means glazed terracotta or rails:

Blocky circles. There are many tools online. If you use Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft, there is a code builder with a circle building command:
Here’s how the radius of 10 looks:

The last option is to stack a lot of entities in one place. An entity is anything that moves – the player, animals, shuckers (even though they act a bit like blocks)

Using some command block trickery with minecarts.

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Is it possible to build a working computer in Minecraft that could run Minecraft?

Not only is it possible, but it has been done already!

A guy named Hans Lemurson built a computer inside the game and showed his work on a forum until someone asked him if it was possible to run Minecraft on his computer inside the game.

Most people could simply answer “yes, in theory” and be done with. But no, not Lemurson’s. The guy went ahead and built the game. Or at least a rough 2D version of it.

On Lemurson’s version of Minecraft, it’s possible to move in all four directions, build and destroy blocks, all of that inside an 8-by-8 grid, on a total of 64 tiles.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can take a look for yourself:

Sure. Redstone provides enough functionality to support a Turing machine, and according to Turing equivalence, any computer that can do this is logically equivalent to any other computer, given enough memory.

You’d need a host for Minecraft with a huge amount of memory, and it would be horribly slow, but it’s theoretically possible.

How do I build good-looking circles in Minecraft?

Try this tool:

Pixel Circle / Oval Generator (Minecraft)

You can generate a circle template of any size with this tool. I use it pretty regularly and I’ve made circles over 200 blocks in diameter using it. You can also vary the x and y dimensions to generate ovals and can do a couple of other handy things with it. Give it a try!

I’m not the conventional Minecraft player. I build Computers in Minecraft!

Let’s rewind a bit, about 4 years ago I saw someone made a simple single-digit calculator that can only add and subtract, I was amazed by it when I saw it, and I knew I just had to figure it out. Turns out that Redstone is incredibly simple to work with to make an adder/subtractor. Its just a few XOR gates chained together.

As time progressed I got better and better with my builds. I learned how to make compact memory, and I even helped develop the CLE(Carry look everywhere) addition algorithm that was specifically optimized for Minecraft(because of instant diodes, e.g. Glowstone and half slabs). I even helped spark a new CPU architecture design where diagonal registers are placed directly underneath the CLE ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit) for the least

What does chronological order mean

minecraft circle
minecraft circle

latency in the Data Loop.

I was able to make about 10 or so different simple 8 bit CPUs, each design improving upon the last in some way. Whether it be how I do conditional jumps or pipelining, I was always improving.

I had a CPU that calculated 4-bit multiplication without a hardware multiplier

(that was fun to code in assembly/machine code).

I also had a CPU that graphed a Y=Mx+B equation that the user gave it in the UI.

ya I was working on a TTT AI but I never truly finished it.
I’ve made have a kilobyte of RAM in the most compact and easily addressable manner, it looks like Intel’s 3d point memory.

And I’ve also made some cool minigames like this painting device with 7 memory addresses to save and load images to/from.

So yeah, you can do basically anything you want in this wonderful game! Thanks for reading! Good luck crafting!

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