What does the Japanese word Kimochi mean?

What does the Japanese word Kimochi mean?

Kimochi(きもち/気持ち) means person’s mind, heart, spirit or feeling coming to him/her at the moment. Kimochi is consisted in two words, “ki” and “mochi”. ki(き/気) means mind, heart, spirit or feeling.

Mochi(もち/持ち) means having, getting. The original form of mochi is motsu. mochi is the second form of motsu which means have.

Motsu is a verb. But by combination with ki. kimochi is a noun.

You can express your feeling with “yoi/ii(よい/いい)” or “warui(わるい)”, feeling good or feeling bad.

Example sentences:

  • Kimochi ii desu. Feeling good.
  • Kimochi warui desu. Feeling bad.

Today is you were to say Kimochi (気持ち)
-it would basically mean “good feeling”. It should be noted
however that it is a shortened version of Kimochi ii (気持ちいい).

Ki (気) -is synonymous with the chinese “Chi” means energy, life force,
and also feeling, mood,

Mochi (持) -means to have, be in possession of

ii (いい) -means good

気持ちいい – to have a good feeling

One can also go deeper to meanings like “having good life force, having good energy”

In Summary, Kimochi as the question asks means feeling or mood.

Ki =気= chi’i, spirit

Mochi = 持ち = to have something, to hold

Kimochi = 気持ち = a feeling or emotion

I’m trying to think when Kimochi means something other than feeling or emotion but no examples come to mind right now.

You can say things like “ki no mochi you” (気の持ち様, which refers to your frame of mind and essentially means your spirit dictates your experience (ie. you create your own reality, or more cynically, “you’re making it up in your head, you freak!”).


What does the Japanese word Kimochi mean?

The individual kanji carry separate meanings that can help you determine the overall meaning of the word.

In practice, the phrase 「気持ち 良い」is often used when something physically feels nice. For example, when I give my wife a good back/shoulder rub, this phrase often escapes her lips.

The word 「感じ」is a direct reference to the sense you get in your mind… That is, you have a _feeling_ about something.

What does the Japanese word “kimoi” mean?

It’s a shortened form of “Kimochi warui” and it means “How disgusting it is!” ‘kimochi’ is ‘feeling’ and ‘warui’ is bad.

So it directly means “The feeling is bad.” You can use it to the person, too, and say, “Anohito kimoi! ( That man is disgusting. )

It’s often used by young people. But it has a strong connotation in it, so you need careful use of it.

Kimoi (キモイ) is a slang abbreviation of kimochi warui (気持ち悪い)which means gross, disgusting (lit. “bad feeling”). You can use it for anything that gives you an unpleasant reaction, from a bad smell to a creepy stranger.

Did you overhear some rude little schoolgirls whispering that nearby you? If so, that happens often and gossip about foreigners is common.

What does the Japanese word “sukebe” mean?

すけべ “ – Sukebe – in Japanese means “Pervert”. Actually, I have not heard anyone using this word, do not know how popular it is 🙂

Instead, I heard teens using word “エロい”、”エロっぽい” – EroiEroppoi – which means “erotic, naughty, spicy”. Some Japanese girls are dying to look sexy and to be told this word))

In addition to this, there is another word related to all “pervert, naughty” topic.

Word ”やらせる” – Yaraseru – can be used as “make somebody do smth” or “to do smb”. I once read the blog of a Russian girl whom Japanese guy wanted to make fun of. Instead of the well-known phrase

Kinsey Wolanski BIO


よろしくおねがいします” – Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu – Please Take Care of Me

he told her

やらしておねがいします” – Yarashite Onegai Shimasu – Please Let Me Do You

So be careful))

If you are interested in modern Japanese slang I can suggest this book. It is funny written and will not let anybody to make fun of you. 😛

‘Sukebe’ is used disapprovingly to refer to someone who too overtly demonstrates a sexual interest in others. Possible translations include ‘perv’, ‘lecher’ or ‘randy git’.

Japanese people find the name of the Dutch beach Scheveningen (part of which is designated for nude bathing) amusing because when transliterated into the Japanese sound system it becomes ‘Sukebenigen’, very close to ‘Sukebe Ningen’, or ‘lecherous human being’.

What is meaning of “hon no kimochi ” in Japanese?

Honno/ほんの means “mere” or “just only” followed by negative words like in.
Honnno wazuka/ほんの少し(only a few).

  • In this case Kimochi(mind) does not necessarily mean negative but the speaker expresses with humility.
  • Full-sentence of the questioned phrase could be completed like this,
  • Kore ha hon no kimchi ni sugimasen(This is nothing very special but just to express my gratitude).

‘Hon’ is real or true

‘Kimochi’ is feeling, opinion.

It should be ‘ honto no kimochi’ the real feeling or opinion.

The Japanese have ‘ hon ne’ and ‘tate mae’, the real feeling and the public self ( where they hide what they actually feel)

I don’t know in what context this was used. These are the general meaning.

Hon no kimochi” (ほんの気持ち) is used when giving a gift to someone. For example:


(Hon no kimochi desu ga, uketotte kudasaru to ureshii desu)

This means: “This is just (a small gift as) my expression of my (thankful) feeling, so I would be happy if you accept this.”

hon no” could mean “real” but also “small” “just” “mere”.

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