What does in transit arriving late means for a USPS package?

What does in transit arriving late means for a USPS package?

There are three possible meanings for the word “in transit” status on your tracker. It might be that your package has just arrived at a sorting facility, it might be on process, or just departed from the sorting facility.

“In transit, arriving late” status in your tracker means that your package is expected to arrive soon but there is no exact date when will it arrive.

It just says that it’s just on its way.

When you call USPS about the status of your package, on where is it currently, you most probably get an answer that they cannot track where exactly your package is.

Once the package has been loaded to a van and departed from the sorting facility, thus the name “in transit”, it is impossible for the USPS to know the present location of your package.

in transit arriving late
in transit arriving late

There are many factors why your package will arrive late. It might be on weather conditions, the number of personnel of USPS available to deliver, and accidents.

The reason may be that the USPS is showing this status, is to give assurance to the receiver that his/her package is not lost and that it may take some time for it to arrive.

This gives the receiver a heads up not to file a lost package complain right away since the status on your tracker already says it is in transit.

The best thing you need to do is wait, and if another week or 2 has passed that the status on your tracker still hasn’t changed. You can call your local P.O to ask for an update.

What does in transit arriving late means for a USPS package?

“In transit” means the package is somewhere between it’s origin and your local post office. “Arriving late” means they are aware of a delay somewhere along that route that will cause the package to be delivered after the expected delivery date or time.

This is usually due to major storms that make driving or flying hazardous for the employees. It’s better that your package is late than risk a driver or pilot crashing.

Because they know packages may be essential to the recipients (e.g. medications) they do try very hard to reroute as much as possible so that they get there as close to on time as possible but sometimes it’s not in the cards.

For example, I can almost guarantee that packages destined for coastal Florida or Georgia will be delayed until after hurricane Dorian passes.

Snowstorms can also close roads and highways delaying deliveries as well. I have high admiration for the length the Postal Service will go to to get the mail to you but sometimes it’s just not in the cards.

As some posters have mentioned, “in transit” means that a package (or expedited letter) is currently on the mail truck and out for delivery.

“Arriving late” means that the stated time of the delivery will not be met. There are a number of reasons for the delay (traffic accident, weather, issues with the package, etc). In many cases, you will be notified of the delay with an updated time frame.

Hope that helps!

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in transit arriving late
in transit arriving late

I doubt that is official USPS language, but I’ve seen it on an online purchase delivery tracking system (used by eBay) for parcels that never arrived. 

The U.S. Postal Service seldom makes any representations about the character of a delivery.

They are required to deliver mail in a timely manner. Anything less is problematic.

I’ve noticed a new tendency of foreign sellers on eBay pointing fingers at the USPS when it seems to me after years of experience that mostly it is unscrupulous Sellers failing to deliver the goods while scamming buyers with a lot of forged “tracking”.

That’s merely been my limited experience and without proof of malfeasance, I refrained from accusing anyone of it.

But it has happened often enough to raise my suspicions of possible fraud (and very likely, false advertising).

You can track your incoming packages.

I recently ordered some beautiful silver coins that were never touched by human hands. I had a 12 digit tracking number.

It went to the Orlando Postal station and there it sat for 9 hrs. As soon as it was en route, I followed it on the internet. Pretty cool stuff!

It showed the time it arrived in Palm City and the time the distribution clerk put it my P.O. Box. Yes, you wonderful peeps can write me letters and stuff to my Post Office Box.

If there is an unexpected delay, inordinate style, you can contact the facility. There may be heavy Christmas volume.


It means the specific date that was given previously has now been changed & your package will be arriving at a later date.

This happens for several different reasons.

Maybe it had a wrong zip code & was misdirected to the wrong city or maybe it was in transit & a truck it was on had an accident.

A natural disaster or snow/ice storm could also delay. I’m sure there are more reasons but these are the only ones I can think of now.

let’s take a look at this:

  • “In Transit” probably means that the package is on its way from the point of origin to the delivery destination!
  • “Arriving Late’ is probably a reference to the fact that the package will be arriving later than was anticipated!

To sum up, it appears to mean that a USPS package is “in transit and arriving late!”

Personally, I am unable to draw any other conclusion from what was stated!

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in transit arriving late means

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