Hisashi Ouchi – Who had the worst death in history?

The pic is NOT Mr.Ouchi to start… Mr.Ouchi was not missing the right foot and they could not amputate because there’s no way it would heal.

AS WELL the coroner had stated that there was a well-defined edge or transition from the “burned” front of Ouchi’s body to the back which was almost normal… his back HAD skin on it… back of his legs HAD skin on them..the poor fellow in the pic is someone else who was as bad… but NOT Mr.Ouchi.. again Mr.Ouchi was not missing a right foot and the fellow in the pic is obviously missing his foot from mid/lower calf down… ALSO,

Mr.Ouchi was losing up to 20l of fluids a day!… YET there are no IVs attached to him to replace any lost fluids… Mr.Ouchi would have had a few at least.
It may have even been used in the book… as a way of graphically showing the horrific extent of his injury, but I cannot think it is Mr.Ouchi unless I hear or read any information which either describes an amputation or a Mr.Ouchi who had previously lost afoot.

worst death in history
worst death in history

Hisashi Ouchi – Who had the worst death in history?

There have been two Tokaimura nuclear accidents at the nuclear facility at Tōkai, Ibaraki: on 11 March 1997, an explosion occurred in a Dōnen plant, and on 30 September 1999, a serious criticality accident happened in a JCO plant

ESPECIALLY since there seems to be so FEW of them when the medical community is known for copiously photographing in painstaking detail injuries at various stages before, during, and after treatment for documentation and future reference.

IF the Ouchi family had requested or given no permission for pictures of Mr.Ouchi to be used it would explain why there are so few and why the ones used are not of him… There are only one or two shown when a search is done. the other 1000 are of random injuries and other people.

IF he had been under care and they were documenting their treatment with photographs, then the pictures would never have been released to the public..let alone someone who wanted to make money from selling a book..so I conclude the picture shown is NOT Mr.Ouchi for those 5 major reasons.

Family not releasing, Hospital not releasing, foot amputation, no IV’s, No skin transition line.
They kept him alive under a misguided and beyond hope deluded belief that they could actually heal him and “cure” his radiation sickness. They SHOULD have KNOWN though from the destroyed DNA that he was irrecoverable.

Hisashi Ouchi – Who had the worst death in history?

But they would have to try.. The doctors at the time were at a loss as to what to do. There were few precedents and proven medical treatments for victims of radiation poisoning.

He WAS in a medically induced coma for most of the time… They did the SAME thing for his co-worker who lasted over 200 days with the same yet delayed symptoms… They are getting close to being able to “print” new organs but they STILL need the initial cells from the donor to fill in the matrix… Mr.Ouchi had absolutely nothing from which to create ANY new cells.. it’s hard to grasp… for the mind to absorb that extreme level of genetic damage.

but every single chromosome in his body was as they describe… completely shattered… we normally have 24 pairs and he had over 60 fragments of unidentifiable pieces of DNA… They were hoping beyond hope that eventually his body would recover…

hisashi ouchi real photos

that somehow… there could be some undamaged cells which eventually would rebuild enough healthy tissue to start the long slow recovery process…but it was a futile fight and only prolonged the life of a man in a coma who WOULD die eventually… AND in an ever degrading condition.

They should have euthanized him the moment he had no more quality life.. soon after the first week when he screamed at them to “Stop treating me like a Guinea pig!”

WHEN he was in excruciating pain that unconsciousness was the only thing that could relieve it…They should have told him the eventual outcome and then informed him or asked him… if and when he would like to be “put to sleep” and then given a lethal dose of a painkiller… AGAIN I believe that they had some small hope of getting Mr.Ouchi to recover.

They ARE Doctors and it is their job to “fix” people… it would be extremely hard for them to just give up… OR admit defeat and let him die or just euthanize him.

Hisashi Ouchi – The Victim Of Worst Nuclear Accident In History

Perhaps though.. SINCE Mr.Ouchi WAS in a medically induced coma and would not feel any pain and not even be aware of the passage of time let alone that he’s even alive, that in the fight to keep him alive they could learn or develop techniques which could help people who were not as far gone as Mr.Ouchi and COULD be saved after an extended period of extremely intensive, extensive treatment.

He would have had to have every organ/system in his body replaced by a transplant. EVERY ONE. Larynx, Lungs, Liver, Gall bladder Pancreas, Stomach Esophagus, Small and Large intestines, Kidneys, Heart, Skin, Bladder, Testes, Prostate, Marrow, Lymph nodes, Thyroid, Larynx, Tongue, EVERY SINGLE organ.

EVERY SINGLE CELL in Ochi’s body that had lost the ability to reproduce itself and repair any damage it had when his chromosomes had been destroyed.

He also would be blind as they cannot yet replace or transplant eyes
It is like going to a factory where everything is manufactured by hand according to paper plans and/or blue

Hisashi Ouchi, the Victim of Fatal Radiation Kept Alive for 83 …

We go to extreme lengths to keep alive many people who are suffering unimaginable pain and who we know are going to die. The mother of a former co-worker developed lung cancer in her 80s.

In her last few years of life she had a lung removed, she received chemotherapy, she developed heart problems and was treated for those, she needed to have a leg partially amputated, and she had multiple additional surgeries since more problems kept cropping up.

And this is not unusual – in the US, money for medical care is paid disproportionately for caring for people in their last few years of life.

So I suppose, using the same logic, we can ask ourselves “Why are so many people kept alive – often against their wishes – when it is obvious that they are going to die and the medical treatment is only delaying the inevitable?”

A picture of Hisashi Ouchi taken shortly after he was exposed …

In some nations and states, it’s against the law to kill a patient or to let them commit suicide.

Much medical personnel are opposed to letting a patient die without trying every means available to try to keep them alive
Many families won’t let the doctors stop treating the patients
Many patients want to try every last thing to try to stay alive – even one more day of life, they think, is worth fighting for
religions won’t allow suicide or letting patients die without a fight, even if there is clearly no hope
I don’t know which of these – if any – are relevant to Mr. Ouchi. But I would suggest that he, his family, and his medical caregivers were having the same thoughts and mental struggles as my former colleague and her mother, and as so many people around the world who are also likely to die – but not yet ready to give up.

One more thing – like Shawn noted I don’t know if this photo is of Mr. Ouchi or not, but I strongly doubt it. The injuries shown are not consistent with exposure to high levels of radiation, especially not at the level to which he was exposed.

But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what he looked like – what matters is what he wanted, what his family wanted, what the laws and his religion would permit, and what the hospital was willing and able to do.

Who had the worst death in history?

EDIT: I’ve been asked to include a warning: some may find this answer very distressing. Read ahead at your own discretion. I’ve tried to describe the death as factually and unemotionally as possible, but it’s still horrific.

I’d nominate Junko Furuta.

Junko Furuta was a Japanese schoolgirl who suffered 40 days of unimaginable torture at the hands of her classmates before dying on January 4th, 1989. After she rejected the school bully, Hiroshi Miyano, she was taken by 4 boys to the home of one of the kidnappers, Nobaharu Minato. All in all, over 100 people knew of her abduction; none did anything to help, and several joined in the torture.

According to their statements in court, the four boys tortured Junko relentlessly, to such an extent that her face was so swollen she was virtually unrecognisable, she lost bladder control (and was beaten for wetting the carpet), and her body developed a rotting smell.

The torture included:

  • Rape — Junko was raped over 400 times over the course of 40 days. Many of these rapes were gang-rape, and the four boys’ friends were invited to join in and humiliate her. Over 100 different men are alleged to have participated in rape at some point. She was naked for most of her imprisonment and forced to masturbate in front of her captors. Some of the boys urinated on her, and she was forced to drink her own urine.
  • Vaginal mutilation — iron bars, scissors, needles, skewers, a bulb, fireworks, cigarettes and lighters amongst other foreign objects were forced into her vagina and anus, causing severe burning and damage. Additionally, she forcibly had her breasts pierced with sewing needles and one of her nipples was torn off.
  • Beatings — she was beaten regularly, and sometimes strapped up as a human punching bag. The boys used clubs, rods and bamboo sticks to punish her for displeasing them.
Hisashi Ouchi
Hisashi Ouchi

Who had the worst death in history?

  • Freezing — after pleading to die, she was locked outside overnight (bear in mind this was in winter), and later locked in a freezer.
  • Burning — this is believed to be the ultimate cause of her death. She suffered severe burns from the aforementioned lighters and fireworks. When she tried to call the police, she was doused in lighter fluid and her body was set on fire. Somehow she survived, but was killed by another body fire on the 40th day of imprisonment.
  • The boys reportedly dropped barbells and an iron exercise ball on her stomach, which was partly responsible for the lost bladder control, along with the damage to her genitals.

Hiroshi was sentenced for 20 years, and the other main captors received 5–10 years each. Most of them were subsequently arrested again for various crimes, including rape and fraud. They were aged 17–18 at the time; Junko was 17. Had the captors been slightly older, they almost certainly would have received life imprisonment or the death penalty. The case is considered controversial due to their lenient sentences, and I can see why.

The Story Of Hisashi Ouchi: A Man Who Experienced One Of

Just after 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 17, 2003, at a windy summer fair 30 miles north of Seattle, Washington (USA), Doug McKay, co-owner of the fair’s carnival, was oiling a section of the most famous ride there, the Super Loop 2, while it was still active and full of passengers.

As the coaster was going through the loop, McKay was standing right underneath looking at what to oil, and as the wind was blowing his hair straight up, his hair got caught by the caster wheels swooping above him and carried him away with it.

As he was dragged into the air, he hit a bit of metal work poking out and his throat was cut — the cut wasn’t drastic enough to kill him, but was enough to spray his blood everywhere, including on a boy called Dylan Volz who was directly in front of McKay during the ride and got blood sprayed EVERYWHERE on him — and he was the only one of the 30 on the ride who got sprayed by blood.

The worst was yet to come:

while McKay was still barely alive, the roller coaster looped the loop. The spin was so fast that it was enough to tear his scalp off freeing him from the coaster, and with his throat cut and head scalped, McKay flew through the air, with his arterial blood spraying a class of little children on a field trip who were waiting in line for another ride before he crashed into a perpendicular metal beam folding him in half like a chair. He finally died after hitting the concrete ground so hard that guts, brains, and blood sprayed all over a bunch of children who were unfortunate to be walking nearby.

After the gruesome event, the fire department and the local sheriff, Jan Smith, went to investigate, and did not find a single injury as a cause of death as everything was too broken to take into an account. The ride, however, was closed for the rest of the summer and was sort of used as a memorial for McKay.

worst death in history
worst death in historyworst death in historyworst death in historyworst death in history

This photo was the only one I could find of the Super Loop that killed McKay, or one very similar to it.

This guy had a worst death in history:

He was poisoned, but he didn’t die. So he went after the people who poisoned him and they stabbed him. He still didn’t die and kept going after the assassins, so they shot him and thought they had finished him. His eyes opened and he lunged for one of the assassins to strangle him, so they shot him some more, this time he started to crawl away.

They then trashed him, tied him up, threw him in a sack, and threw the sack into the river. Two days later the sack was recovered, and it looked like Rasputin almost escaped his bindings and clawed out of the bag. To top it all, while his body was being burned, the tendons shrunk and he sat up in the fire.

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