Fathers day Australia – Why do celebrate in September and not June?

Fathers day Australia – Why do celebrate in September and not June?

Because fathers in Australia often dislike their Fathers Day presents so we moved the celebration of dads to September, just ten days before Christmas so the dads could re-gift their presents on to other men and boys within two weeks. This system works well.

We also have sixteen Mothers Days a year because mums don’t care about the gifts so much, they’re above men in that way, mums are just about the attention and the opportunity to complain and be heard.

Australia has many special days that fall on different dates to the rest of the world, the rest of the world often being spelled U-S-A.

Fathers day Australia
Fathers day Australia

All are in the southern hemisphere.

In the northern hemisphere, spring is maybe March to June. It is a good time for public holidays and marketing, people are coming out of winter.

The seasons are inverted in the southern hemisphere. Due to the legacy of European colonization, we have way too many “special days” from March to June already, which is during our autumn.

If the actual day is completely arbitrary (like Father’s Day) it makes sense to hold them in our spring, just as in the northern hemisphere they hold them in their spring.

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Fathers day Australia – Why do celebrate in September and not June?

Well because fathers day in Australia is in September. Some Australians haven’t gone completely crazy to celebrate all USA things. However they will not be far behind.

They might even celebrate independence day if they could however even it has nothing to do it with them.

They even have some crap called Halloween there now. I just used to give poisoned sweets to the young kids asking for them. N.a. just kidding, but really what if it does happen.

  • What are you going to say then to the sick child?
  • Are people completely crazy to accept things from strangers?


Mothers Day is in May in a lot of countries…including Australia. Fathers Day is in June in a fair few countries…but is actually on about 17 different dates around the world.

But apparently the main reason it is held in September in Australia is that we have a lot of other special days around April /May and holding it in September is better for sales!!

September is Spring in the southern hemisphere so selling ‘Fathers’ presents…like camping and fishing gear…is better at this time of year!!

The Objective of This summer period is very effective here with public holidays and special events. Easter time, Anzac Day, Work Day (in some states), Mom’s Day, and the Queen’s Wedding all fall within that short time frame. It’s also wintertime in This summer.

Given that Dad’s Day is just a marketing scam, providers made an aware decision to outside of the world. They moved their event into a period where it gets to take a position mostly by itself.

They can also sell more because many “manly” provides are great for the incoming summer period (outdoorsy factors such as sportfishing, dressed in and climbing equipment), whereas traditional “feminine” provides are wintery (indoorsy factors such as cooking food resources and pure cotton pajamas).

Why is Father’s Day important?

Fathers are the backbone of the family. They are the one responsible for nurturing the wellness of the family.

Though every day is meant to be special for them and should be celebrated, this one day makes it very special to cherish all the hard work done by them.

This day celebrates the love that one feels towards their father and is paying homage to them in a special way.

BBG India a big company does the same in this sweet video which reminds me of a large number of fathers in India.

The father in order to educate his daughters sacrifices his land which is considered a huge thing from an Indian point of view.

This is because he considers education is the true wealth rather than getting his daughters married. This is a true picture of the love that he feels and makes one grateful for having such a good father. 

What is the history behind Father’s Day? Does it have a religious background? Is there a religious meaning to this day?

There is no known history behind the origin of Father’s Day. According to a few historians, it is believed that it was started because the fathers were absent from their families.

Why is Father’s Day celebrated? Because the fathers are supposed to be absent from their families and thus the mothers were left in charge of taking care of the children and the family.

On this day, the mothers leave their homes to take care of their children and the fathers are supposed to return to their families. Therefore, they were supposed to share the responsibility with the mothers on how their kids are being taken care of.

It is said that the observance of this day is of great importance for the preservation of the faith. The parents usually sacrificed themselves by leaving their families for days at a time. Their sacrifice was so great that they became the Godparents to the children’s babies.

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Fathers day Australia
Fathers day Australia

Why is Father’s Day celebrated?

This day was originally only in the United States but in some countries, it is a national holiday. There are two traditional colors of Father’s Day, which are red and green.

Blue is the traditional color for Mother’s Day. Red and green are the colors of the National Flag and hence, each year, the flag of the country is flown during the day.

Why is Father’s Day celebrated in the United States? One of the most popular reasons to celebrate this day is to congratulate threads on their “coming of age”.

In other parts of the world, there are many traditions that are shared among the brothers on Father’s Day. Many of these are rituals that make people appreciate their fathers who were expected to sacrifice themselves to raise their children.

Fathers are also expected to help their sons to join the army in the same way as their mothers. It is also a good way to show respect for your father’s since their sacrifice is made to protect the nation and its citizens.

Why is Father’s Day celebrated? In the country of Australia, the fathers are also supposed to take care of their daughters and become good breadwinners in the family.

Why is Father’s Day celebrated? This is indeed an important day to honor the fathers.

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