Is it “despatched” or “dispatched”?

Is it “despatched” or “dispatched”?

Despatch” is the British variant of the term. Conversely, “dispatch” is the American version, and it retains the standard form used since the 1500s. “Despatch” is becoming rare as an alternate spelling for “dispatch.” This is due to the popularity and wide usage of American English in many countries.

Despatch” and “dispatch” might sound similar, and you might be surprised that the two words also share the same meaning. Both words refer to the act of sending something or someone to a specific place regarding a situation. The same applies to the object or person being sent. Another context where both terms are used is when it comes to killing someone.

Both “despatch” and “dispatch” can function as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, both terms can be used as transitive verbs.

The main difference between the two terms is in their spelling. The word “dispatch” is spelled with the letter “i,” while “despatch” is spelled with the letter “e.”

The reason for the difference in the spelling and vowel usage began when Dr. Samuel Johnson, an Englishman, used “des” as the form of the word in his dictionary, A Dictionary of the English Language (written in 1755). The standard form of the word was “dis,” which was introduced in the 1500s and has been in use since.

What is Stephen Frys IQ 3
What is Stephen Frys IQ 3

What does “dispatched to overseas” mean?

Despite the variation in spelling, both words descended from the same Latin root word.

Another difference is the people and the place the terms are used for. The British are known to use the word “despatch” rather than “dispatch.” However, this has become rare with the influence of American English throughout the world. Meanwhile, “dispatch” is the American version of “despatch.” This version is more popular, more commonly used, and regarded as the correct spelling of the word.

The origin of both words is also different. “Dispatch” came from the Italian word “dispacciare.” On the other hand, “despatch” was derives from the Spanish “despachar.”

“Despatch” as a word actually exists as a functioning term in the shipping industry. The term refers to a payment of a ship’s owner to a charter party if a certain shipment is late for delivery.
“Dispatch,” as the more popular term, is tbe more widely accepted spelling of the word. Many editors and computers often regard the word “despatch” not as an alternate word for “dispatch” but as a misspelling. “Despatch” is not an acceptable variation of the word, yet premier British dictionaries like the Oxford Dictionary accept both variations of the words as correct.


  1. Both “despatch” and “dispatch” have the same meaning and almost the same sound. Both terms function as a noun and a verb (transitive verb, to be exact). “Despatch” and “dispatch” can refer to the object or the act of sending or killing.
  2. The main difference between the two terms is their spelling. “Despatch” has the letter “e,” while “dispatch” contains the letter “i.” The difference in spelling originated in 1755 when a dictionary introduced the form of “des.” However, both variations are accepted by British standards. Meanwhile, “dispatch” is an acceptable spelling for people who use American English.
  3. The two terms have different origins but retain the same Latin root word. “Despatch” came from the Spanish “dispatcher,” while the Italian dispacciare formed the basis of the modern world of “dispatch.”
  4. “Despatch” is the British variant of the term. Conversely, “dispatch” is the American version, and it retains the standard form used since the 1500s.
  5. “Despatch” is becoming rare as an alternate spelling for “dispatch.” This is due to the popularity and wide usage of American English in many countries. The latter is the most accepted spelling of the term in modern usage.
  6. Aside from being used interchangeably with “dispatch,” “despatch” also functions as a term in the shipping industry. In this respect, “despatch” means a payment for a delayed shipment made by a ship’s owner to a charter party.

What is the Difference between Items Dispatched and Items Shipped in Flipkart order summary?

Here is What happens when you buy a product online

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What does “dispatched to overseas” mean?

Buyer places order for the product
Once an order is placed with an online marketplace, its system checks the customer’s delivery pin code and the order is directed to a warehouse that has the product in stock and is closest to that location.

Received order is directed to the closest warehouse
The pick-to-dispatch cycle typically involves humans picking the correct product in order, packaging it and dispatching it to a delivery person.
The algorithm determines which warehouse to direct the order based on stock and distance from the delivery address.

The product is brought to dispatch hub
The order is then sent to a central hub, called the mother hub, attached to the warehouse, where it is sorted into bags depending on the pin code.
This is the point where they show the status as DISPATCHED.

What does “dispatched to overseas” mean?

The product is dispatched based on dimension/distance to the destination warehouse
The software ensures that the most frequently ordered items are placed in the warehouse in such a way that it is closest to where the pickers start their journey.
The list of items given to pickers on a handheld device optimizes the route they have to take to pick all the items.
This is the point where they show the status as SHIPPED.

The product is packed and weighed
The products are stored in racks based on past and current orders and brings shelves to the ‘pick stations’ on receiving orders.
Sorter, which is more popular in India, is an automated system for loading, scanning and bagging packets based on destination.
It involves dimensioning and weighing the products and sorting them on a conveyor belt using a pneumatic arm to divert them according to pin codes, hub codes and destinations.

The order is allocated to the delivery centre from destination warehouse
For the first leg of a consignment that involves getting an order from a marketplace’s warehouse or merchant to a logistics firm’s sorting centre, efficiency is built using automated routing and cost-planning based on algorithms.

What does “dispatched to overseas” mean?

The product is picked by delivery boys and taken to the customer.

Flipkart uses their own logistics for pickup, its called eKart.

Generally, when a seller is ready to ship the product, he/she packs the product and marks the product as ready for pickup. The pickup is scheduled and an ekart executive is assigned.

The ekart executive picks the product as per schedule, this is when the product status changes to ‘Dispatched’.

Once the product reaches the local ekart office, the products are scanned, some packings are audited (to make sure you are not getting a stone for a phone), then by evening the shipments are sorted and are handed over to a logistics partner like bluedart or fedex etc.

This is when the status changes to ‘Shipped’. Generally on the other side, the product is first delivered to the eKart local office and a delivery executive from ekart will deliver it to you.

There is so much logic and reasoning as to why Flipkart has to do this but probably its not part of this answer. 🙂

despatched or dispatched 2
despatched or dispatched 2

What does “dispatched to overseas” mean?

Dispatched to overseas” means sent off to a destination or mailed to a destination.

  • The destination is simply named “overseas” to be generic and not have to name the country full from time to time.

Example: Posting Date 21-02-2016 Status Date 23-02-2016 Dispatched to overseas (Country code: GB)

  • In this example, the “dispatched to overseas” is on the 23rd of February 2016 is the date the one sent is considered dispatched. It could be the date the thing mailed will be packed off by plane per schedule. The earliest time is when one has attended to the document or package, all signed and sealed for delivery.
  • Dispatched means sent off, forwarded, posted, mailed, transmitted.

Dispatched to overseas is a business term and the business group alone controls it. There is uniformity in their use as part of being organized. By using the term overseas, they only need to spend little time to add the two-letter country abbreviation code per the ISO.

For example, in mailing services, staff have to send documents or packages from one country to another. After one’s transaction, the staff only need to report Dispatched to overseas (Country Code: XY)

Per the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), countries have 2-letter abbreviation codes, so a staff can just post –

  • Dispatched to overseas (Country Code: AR), and that means to dispatched to Argentina
  • Dispatched to overseas (Country Code: AU), this meant sent to Australia
  • Dispatched to overseas (Country Code: BR), sent to Britain.
  • Dispatched to overseas (Country Code: CA), sent to Canada.
  • Dispatched to overseas (Country Code: CN), sent to China.

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