What is the meaning of the term “boolin”?

What is the meaning of the term “boolin”?

What does Boolin mean? The made-up slang word boolin‘ comes from the American gang culture, which basically means “chilling” or “hanging out” with someone or somewhere

The term “boolin” is a colloquial term often used amongst Americans of generation Z and to some extent millennials. It is the equivalent to “chillin out”, “chilling out”, or “hanging out”. It is basically a slang term to express that one is experiencing “chillness”.

An Example:

Tommy: Hey Frank, what are you doing today?

Frank: I’m boolin at the beach with my fam.

English (US) English (UK) As informal slang, “boolin” can sometimes mean hanging out or chilling (relaxing) but it’s not a common expression (I’ve never actually seen/heard someone use it). There is also “boolean” which is phonetically similar and describes a variable/value that can be either true or false.

What does boolin’ mean?

Boolin’ means “hanging out” or “chilling.” It comes from gang culture.

Where does boolin’ come from?



What is the meaning of the term “boolin”?

The Bloods are a gang that formed in Los Angeles in the 1970s as a rival to the Crips. As a show of disrespect and in-group code, some Bloods replace the letter C (the first letter of Crips) with a B in speech and writing. For instance, a Blood may change chocolate chip cookie to chocolate chip bookie.

Using this formula, boolin’ substitutes the B in coolin’(a variation on chillin’, which means “hanging out” or “relaxing”). On his 2014 track “Old English,” for example, rapper Young Thug sings: “Catch me boolin’ with them slimes, them my youngins” (slimes is a slang term for “friend”).

Urban Dictionary’s first entry for boolin’ is from 2005. The earliest public mention of the word on Twitter was in 2008.

Apart from some spikes in 2004, search interest in the word really took off between 2015 and 2016. Compton-based—or rather, “Bompton-based”—rapper YG released an album in 2015, Still Brazy, whose title features the Bloods’ letter swapping. On the album, YG replaces hundreds of other C’s for B’s, including in the middle of words, as shown in a verse like “I can’t sleep at night this shit uncomfortable.”

I too wondered about this word.

There are too many words like these floating around these days and I am rather scared of using them.

We had use for only one word and that is homosexual.

heterosexual, metrosexual, sapiosexual are the new terms I keep hearing nowadays.

I dare not use them for fear of using the wrong word and getting into trouble.

Anyway, with no intention of ever using it, I did look up the word Sapiosexual and find it means “sexually attracted to intelligence” rather than good looks or sex appeal.

I wonder why a word like this was necessary at all. We managed for hundreds of years without this word.

What is the meaning of sapiosexual?

It is a recent term denoting sexual attraction to a partner with high intelligence.

Personally speaking, I am highly skeptical (if not entirely dismissive!) of it because the operative part of the term here is sexual. It should not merely mean that you are romantically attracted to someone who is intelligent. That is a no-brainer just as everyone wants to have a kind and understanding partner. But that doesn’t mean you involuntarily get a boner when you meet a very kind person!

No. Sapiosexual ought to mean that you do not merely like but are sexually turned on by high intelligence, that it makes you want to jump into bed with them. It may not be the only factor but it certainly should be a powerful one if the term is to not be fancy but meaningless fluff.

And no, smart but ugly men like Jean-Paul Sartre don’t count. Because they were famous, powerful, and influential. And you can bet that a lot of women were attracted to that. Now if Sartre was an unknown cross-eyed ugly fellow and you still had attractive women throwing themselves at him, then that’d be something to notice. Somehow I don’t think that would’ve happened at all.

I’m not buying it. I will however admit to my own bias as a man who has never been turned on by intelligence in women. Not sexually at any rate. So I may well be judging it more harshly than it deserves.

What is the meaning of the term “boolin”?

Still, I wanted to know whether there have been any proper studies or surveys done exploring this phenomenon, or whether it was just a

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