0000000000? What does a call from this number mean?

0000000000? What does a call from this number mean?

Nowadays most of the user thought telephone number which displayed on incoming call is related to a caller who called the number.

In reality, CLID (Caller ID Display) is an optional and useful tool for the user to know from where calls did originate.

As now a days almost all call contain caller information, most of network is configured such way so that any incoming call with caller ID in header is processed with calling process and display on callee’s display.

There are hundred or thousand network operators (Telephone Company) around the world and this is virtually impossible for the receiving company to add CLID tag on incoming calls.

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So this is expected for call originating company to attach valid subscriber ID with any call for identification and CLID generation on recipient end.

This system works in the past because there was a limited number of Telephone Company and they have dedicated connection with each other which automatically create liability of attaching valid caller ID with any call outgoing towards other company.

But this Internet connected world, there are lots of carrier, network operators and telecom company shearing vast amount of network and resource dedicated connection between company become rare case.

Every telephone company has multiple paths for the same call due to load sharing or cost effecting service. In this scenario even it is expected to call the originating company to attach caller ID either for technical reasons or by mistake or even intentionally caller ID got removed from call envelope.

0000000000? What does a call from this number mean?

Normally company’s do configure their network to honor incoming ID with calls pass towards callee without change anything. If any call somehow not have CLID attach or error on CLID like alphabet instead of number trigger empty ID.

For subscriber devices when got empty fields instead of the ID, it by default shows a long chain of 0000 or other predefined strings creates confusion amount, the non-tech user.

Treat incoming call as latter via post, if the sender didn’t write his/her name and address on an envelope, you will have no idea where it came from. Same if the sender’s name and address are wrong.

Now in the electronics world, calls reach on your phone without sender information will trigger some kind of predefined pattern by default which is long 0000 in most of cases.

The telephone number delivered to your phone is provided by your carrier.

Your carrier can either honor the caller identification passed to it (for example, by another carrier) or can overwrite that information.

Additionally, there are circumstances where false or meaningless information can be passed along and will make it to your phone.

Unless it’s a database problem (or some similar fault) the caller is someone who doesn’t want you to know who they are.

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My business sells software to the government and law enforcement.

Every once in awhile we get a call from a number that displays like this and it is from some government agency. Sometimes, they will only say they are a part of the Department of Defense. You can guess who this is,

If you aren’t getting calls like this, likely it is a telemarketer that is using VOIP. You can put any caller ID number in you want in those systems. So they picked all zeros.

With the advent of widespread use of VOIP for telemarketing, caller ID is no longer assumed to be accurate. It is your friend calling, it is probably correct. If it looks like it could be your friend but isn’t, a telemarketer just plugged that number in.

This can work in your favor if you have the right setup. My cell phone number is from where I used to live in Arizona.

Almost nobody calls me from there, but I get lots of calls where the first 6 digits match my cell phone number, This is easy to identify and is telemarketers faking what number they are calling from.

0000000000? What does a call from this number mean?

In North America, ten zeroes as the phone number might be associated with a VoIP endpoint that has not been properly configured with an outbound caller ID number (such as 2128675309).

Most legitimate businesses and private persons would have a caller ID number passed through correctly by their voice service provider, so “0000000000″ is a potential red flag for attempted fraud or an individual seeking to conceal their identity.

Everytime I have had a caller-id with all zeros, it has been a law enforcement officer. Just my experience.


What is the phone number 000-000-0000?

Just a made-up phone number with a bunch of zeroes !

Nothing more.

Why is that? Well, you have 10 zeros (0000000000) in there, we could think that is the area code of some city (first three zeros), which is obviously non-existent… then, 7 additional zeros as the “phone number”, which, again…is non existent…and even if existed, the city “000” is nowhere to be seen as a real city.

Now, we are missing a few more digits, 1, 2, or 3 digits representing the country code… It could be 1, 2, or 3 digits country code… Let’s assume then, a “0” or a “00” or a “000” … in all three cases, t happens that those codes are not a country. So, it’s a no once again.

So, in all, the 10 zeros you propose as a phone number…are NOT a phone number.

Now, you could say: “I have seen that on my phone screen !” or “Someone called me from that number !” … then, I could say… well, yes…and your birthday is: on the date “00/00/000”

Sorry, no phone number this time.

0000000000 What does a call from this number mean?


I personally have never encountered such a call but there are at least a million questions and queries regarding the no. on the internet.

The general perception is that it is some international nuisance that has been carried since 2007, at least.

I would like to add that though the call could very well be from Skype, it is more likely that these are calls where the number has been blocked. There are ways to change the number that appears on your Caller ID.

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These calls could be from virtually anyone, and is most commonly called “spoofing.” It is not a single person calling but maybe hundreds or thousands of different persons using the same technique.

More or less they are “private” or “restricted” numbers. These are confidential numbers that may be from govt. agencies….

Else try your luck on the following link….Phone Number Search

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